Scandola and its products are more and more in the spotlight

It’s normal to attract attention when things are going well. That’s why since 2010, the year in which the press office was set up, the interest of the media for Scandola has grown exponentially.

The press has dedicated lots of space to the ecological value of its production processes, to the accuracy of its manufacturing methods and to the original way in which the company has distinguished and made over the lines, finishes and colours of traditional furniture. For example, the June issue of the  Progetto Cucina magazine contains an exhaustive article on the Maestrale collection while the May issue of Casa Naturale dedicated a whole page to the ecological content of the company’s products. Moreover, the numerous articles published by the Cose di Casa magazine continue to attract the attention of the public eye.

The frequency of these articles has remarkably increased the notoriety of the Scandola brand which is becoming increasingly more appreciated by Italian retailers and by end customers.