Living in legno massello di abete

Maestrale M01 contemporary living room

Scandola Mobili presents a varied, contemporary-style living room from the Maestrale collection. The wall-hung base and tall units give the room a light and airy appeal while floor–standing tall units separate the living room from the dining room as well as providing storage for objects and books.

The Maestrale collection is enriched by this living room arrangement that combines the classic beauty of solid wood with contemporary pieces such as iron open shelving units. The living room is large and built around soft, earthy tones.

The arrangement that houses the television, facing the sofa, is lively and full of movement thanks to the combination of different depths, finishes and materials.  The streamlined linearity of the two Argilla-coloured, wall-hung base units is striking:  there aren’t any handles or grip channels and the doors open thanks to a push-to-open mechanism. Shallower-than-standard, wall-hung tall units are ideal for storage and make the most of the space available without giving the room a heavy appearance. The iron open shelving units with wooden shelves on the other side add interest, interrupting the sameness of the furniture and adding an industrial touch full of character to the room. The Tortora-finish wall panelling completes the wall.

A clever idea is to use tall units to divide two different functions and recreate an appropriately private area for both rooms. The continuity of the doors has been interrupted by illuminated open shelving units. The end open shelving unit lets the light from each room through. Last but not least, one high and one low Circus coffee table stand in front of the sofa and are indispensable to hold the cup of tea you are sipping while watching your favourite film!