Traditional-style living room N03

Day furniture consisting of a dining room and a living room with a bookcase and a TV unit. Living room in genuine wood finished in blu cobalto, lino and visone.

A half wall divides this reception area into two distinct rooms i.e. the actual living room with a sofa and a bookcase and the dining room with a sideboard, table and chairs. The focus of the traditional living room is on the TV unit, flanked by two glass display cabinets, and installed below shelves and tongue-and-groove wall panelling, all of which creates an elegant, classic-style wall arrangement. A large, open, modular  bookcase stands out on the other side of the room while a cobalto-coloured coffee table fills the centre of the space and serves the armchair and the sofa.

The dining room features a rectangular table with a cobalto finish to match the living room coffee table, accompanied by coordinated chairs and a low buffet unit.