Maestrale M02 dinign roomMaestrale M01 contemporary living roomCountry-style dining room Tabià T04Traditional living room N03

The living room is the space in the home dedicated to socialising; it’s where you entertain your friends, sit down for a chat or watch TV, either by yourself or in good company. Our genuine wood furniture creates a warm and cosy atmosphere and is available in various styles  ranging from the traditional Nuovo Mondo model and the charming country style of our Tabià line to the contemporary, new Maestrale collection.

The living room can be furnished in an endless variety of ways: it can focus on the sofa and on TV wall cabinets, creating a small home cinema area. Alternatively, a more formal living room can be planned including traditional furniture such as dressers, glass display cabinets and bookcases. The living room area of the home can also accommodate a table, becoming a dining room for important occasions.

The special way Scandola Mobili works spruce wood can be used to create traditional, refined and formal furniture but also more rural styles that are typical of mountain chalets and perfect to furnish country-style recreation rooms.

Scandola Mobili suggests a complete and modular day area furnishing system in which the living room can be perfectly coordinated with the kitchen.

When the living room and the kitchen share the same space or are visually divided, by a table or a peninsula for instance, a fascinating effect of unity is achieved that gives the home a uniform feeling of continuity.