Master bedroom with bridging units Rondine N10

A classic-style arrangement with a bridging wardrobe hanging above a Rondine double bed, with two open compartments serving as bedside tables in the tall unit on either side of the bed. The bridging wardrobe and the double bed have a Gesso-coloured, brushed white finish while two Cobalto-coloured tall boys with six drawers each complete the layout.

The bridging wardrobe hanging above the double bed is a good space-saving solution while also being a way of creating a bedroom that looks decidedly different from the traditional suite consisting of  a bed, bedside tables and a wardrobe. This arrangement shows a bed fitted under a wall-hung wardrobe made up of bridging units paired with bedside tables consisting of open compartments inside tall units. This compact arrangement is a stylish, space-saving idea; a pair of tall boys and a set of shelves complement this classic-style suite.

This arrangement belongs to the Nuovo Mondo classic line of furniture, a collection that brings back the charm of artisanal tradition. Just like all the other master bedrooms made by Scandola Mobili, the material used is 100% solid wood, shown here in bright Gesso finish paired with Cobalto details.