Arcanda N04 master bedroom in authentic solid wood

Master bedroom in authentic solid wood with Arcanda furniture and hinged wardrobe made of Creta and Lino finish spruce.

The Arcana bed with its wooden headboard is the star of this suite, complemented by two bedside tables, one chest-of-drawers and a bookcase coordinated in terms of  lines and finishes, boasting the slim, sabre legs that are distinctive of the Arcanda collection. The space in the foreground is the actual master bedroom – a large, cosy area – while another space similar to a walk-in wardrobe with a large, hinged door wardrobe, can be glimpsed in the background. The full-height wardrobe behind the bed has a Lino finish, picking up the boarded wall panelling that covers the bedroom walls. This simple, elegant bedroom furniture makes over traditional, classic bedrooms in a contemporary key.