Rural-style master bedroom Tabià T06

A rural-style master bedroom suite made up of Nocciola-coloured solid spruce furniture. The Tabià double bed with a tall footboard stands in the middle of the room complemented by a chest-of-drawers, bedside tables, a chest and wall units coordinated with its country-style lines. Although it has a Malto-coloured finish, the wardrobe is also in solid spruce while a Cortina chair stands out in its original Verde Lime coloured lacquer.

Thanks to its warm spruce wood tones, shown here in Malto and Nocciola, and to the country lines of the Tabià collection, this room recreates the atmosphere of a mountain hut. The furniture is the result of skilled italian artisanal woodwork and the style is picked up in each piece, from the bed to the chest-of-drawers. The chest is a very traditional and rural piece of furniture that is just perfect for a master bedroom.

The bed with its tall footboard is really distinctive and eye-catching although what makes this suite so attractive is the painstaking accuracy of each and every detail: from the turned balusters of the wall-hung bookcase to the embellishments at the bottom of the bedside tables. Each and every item pools together to create a cosy, country-style master bedroom.