Maestrale M11 contemporary master bedroom

The two finishes that identify this double bedroom composed of a Plana bed, a Quadra chest-of-drawers and a six-door wardrobe are Canapa and Curry.

Two, round, metal trays sit on the shelves of the Plana bed composed of wide, solid spruce wood planks with rhythmical gaps that continue on the headboard. Plana is made of brushed wood in a refined Canapa shade which is picked up by the wardrobe.  A contrasting Curry finish has been chosen for the exposed drawer unit and Quadra chest-of-drawers. The wardrobe reveals its contents, showing off its Talpa-coloured surface – which is also available in a lighter, Lino shade – and its accessories: in this case, shelves and pullout baskets on runners that can hold jumpers or underwear. Trays with tie and belt organisers in lacquered wood, perfect for small objects; slanting shoe racks; pullout trouser racks and fabric laundry bags.  These are just a few of the many accessories available to furnish wardrobes. Handcrafted, distressed brass handles are fitted on the fronts.