Tabià bedroom with wooden storage bed N08

The focal point of this bedroom is the Tabià model, Gesso-coloured, storage double bed in solid wood. In the background, shelves and wall panelling in brushed Ardesia-coloured spruce.

The particularly solid and imposing wooden storage double bed distinguishes this bedroom furniture. The impressive volume of the storage base is beautified by the embellished bed frame in the characteristic country style of the Tabià line. The wall panelling makes the atmosphere is even more rural: authentic timber boards are saw cut with purposely exposed nails. The shelves and the Ardesia colour of the panelled backdrop set off the bed, making the most of its imposing frame that stands out in the middle of the room.

From a practical viewpoint this storage double bed is particularly handy to put away sheets, duvets and other bed linen. On the one hand, the dual lift mechanism offers a really easy way to access the storage base interior; on the other hand it lets you make the bed without having to bend over.