Royal N06 country-style master bedroom

Country-style master bedroom: bed with a Granata-coloured wooden headboard, Ardesia finish wall panelling and upholstered bed frame.

The double bed with its impressive Rosso Granata coloured headboard is the first thing you notice in this country-style bedroom. The Royal headboard is detached from the bed and is available entirely in solid wood or with an upholstered insert. A fabric upholstered bed frame with storage stands in front of the headboard. The bed, which can be fitted with castors, can easily be moved out of the way to clean the room.

A set of shelves frame the bed and are used as a bookcase and bedside tables while becoming the perfect backdrop to set off the country-style headboard. The boarded wall panelling stands out for its rough sawn-cut finish which sets off the beauty of solid wood while adding a rustic touch to the master bedroom.