N09 Classic master bedroom with an upholstered bed

An elegant, upholstered double bed stands out against Nocciola-coloured wall panelling framed by a set of shelves. A large, hinged-door wardrobe in solid wood stands against the opposite wall and provides all the space required for your garments.

The classic style is distinctive of the upholstered double bed with its quilted headboard. The fabric upholstery of the bed frame goes all the way down to the floor. The lift-up, slatted bed base conceals roomy storage space.

The furniture’s original and contemporary atmosphere is created by unusual pairings: the moderately classic style of the upholstered bed with its quilted headboard and the original suspended line of the shelves, the down-to-earth charm of genuine timber combined with soft upholstery, the dark-coloured fabric and the Nocciola-coloured spruce wall panelling. This furniture would look just at home in a modern dwelling as it would in a more traditional one but it is equally perfect in a luxury hotel.