Maestrale bedroom with storage bed M02

The roomy, Pergamena finish Fada bed with storage, complemented by the Fada bedside table with plinth, is the star of this master bedroom.

The Fada bed’s headboard consists of a wide frame featuring an impressive moulding paired with a plain panel. The headboard has a slight backward slant. The bed frame is underlined by a protruding top edging that sets off its square lines. The capacity of the bed’s storage compartment matches that of a wardrobe and can be used to put away blankets, sheets, bags or suitcases and any other object you wouldn’t know where else to store. A sophisticated piston mechanism raises the bed base to access the space below. The Fada bedside table with plinth complements the arrangement. To make the most of a space that is difficult to use, a bookcase made up of a few shelves and a back panel in a matching finish is fitted in the empty space under the stairs. This bedroom furnished with authentic solid wood creates a cosy atmosphere that is ideal to relax in after a long day at work.