N05 bedroom furniture for lofts

Loft furnished with classic-style Arcana furniture for a bright and cosy bedroom with a Gesso and Creta finish.

A loft used as a master bedroom: the hinged wardrobe stands against the highest wall of the room and accommodates a space with a tall mirror at the centre. Wall panelling continues along the same wall, following the slant of the ceiling.

A set of shelves float behind the bed, detaching it from the wall so that it doesn’t stand directly against the lowest part of the loft.  The bed and bedside tables are therefore made to stand out with their perfectly coordinated lines. The Arcanda double bed is in authentic solid wood with a large, upholstered insert in the headboard.

Albeit low, this loft is large and airy and there is enough room for a small coffee table and armchair facing the bed which pick up the classic style of the entire suite.