Maestrale M01 master bedroom in solid wood

Master bedroom featuring the solid wood furniture of the Maestrale collection with a Pergamena finish.

A renovated flat, an impressive staircase that connects the bedroom to the loft. These are the architectural elements that create the setting for the Fada double bed. The bed is shown in Pergamena finish solid wood. The Fada drawer unit, with a Pergamena finish, has a strong visual impact thanks to the fronts of the two drawers featuring raised frames with prominent edges that meet in the centre.  They are opened by means of a recess in the front edge of the side panel. The Fada bedside table picks up the lines of the bed and chest-of-drawers, adding a sense of harmony to the bedroom. The furniture is complemented and livened up by the Curry finish Circus coffee table that adds a bright accent and a touch of light-heartiness to the arrangement. This bedroom is an authentic exemple of made in Italy.