Floor standing master bedroom suites

Maestrale M01 master bedroom in solid woodMaestrale M07 master bedroom featuring bold contrastsMaestrale M09 master bedroom in authentic solid woodMaestrale M11 contemporary master bedroomArcanda N04 master bedroom in authentic solid woodBedroom furniture for loftsN07 classic-style master bedroomRural-style master bedroomMaestrale bedroom with storage bed M02Royal N06 country-style master bedroomBedroom with an upholstered double bedTabià bedroom with wooden storage bed

The double bed is the undisputed star of the bedroom. Normally, when arranging bedroom furniture the bed’s headboard is pushed up against the wall while the footboard ends up in the centre on the room. It’s best to avoid standing the bed with one of its sides against a wall because this position would make it difficult to make the bed. Nothing could be more practical than a bedroom suite with a floor-standing bed. Scandola Mobili offers fully customisable bedroom furniture with various types of beds ranging from upholstered to solid wood, custom-sized wardrobes and coordinated chests-of-drawers and drawer units.

Bedside tables, available with integrated drawers, are indispensable to complete the suite, and are positioned on either side of the bed, ready to stand books, glasses, table lamps or other objects on. The furniture is completed by a wardrobe with hinged or sliding doors and with other items on request such as desks, bookcases, shelves, chests-of-drawers or tall boys.

Scandola Mobili can offer an endless array of bedroom furniture in genuine solid spruce wood that can be fully customised to suit the customer’s tastes and the size of the room, with a choice of various bed models, either upholstered or in solid wood and custom-sized wardrobes with coordinated chests-of-drawers and drawer units.