Arcana, single bedroom for boys Arcanda N12

A classic-style boy’s bedroom with a single bed, low cabinets behind the bed, a corner desk and an Arcando three-door wardrobe. The finish chosen in the photo for this bedroom is Verde Lichene with Lino and Creta details, all in pure, solid wood like all Scandola Mobili products.

The Arcanda single bed is in the centre of the room, in front of  a set of low cabinets that run along the entire width of the wall, finishing under the corner desk. Just like the wallpaper, the furniture and wall panelling in the background have linear aesthetics against which the sinuous curves of the bed, picked up along the adjacent wall by the wardrobe’s feet and cornice, stand out. The desk has a practical, shaped top and is complemented by a mobile drawer unit. The fabric upholstered chair is a very original choice, almost like having an armchair in the bedroom. This bedroom furniture is refined; just perfect for young adults.