The cornerstone of our collections lies in their contemporary style and design, epitomizing warmth, solidity, and versatility.

Oak is a wood renowned for striking the perfect balance between sophistication and performance. It serves as the foundation for crafting environments that exude warmth and elegance while embracing a contemporary and inviting ambiance. This versatile wood seamlessly integrates with modern and minimalist styles, offering a timeless appeal that captivates both aesthetically and functionally.

Why choose oak furniture from Scandola Mobili?


The distinctive grain, while varying depending on the process chosen, is the element that visually gives an emotion of authenticity with the ability to pair well with modern and contemporary styles.

Durability and strength

Recognized for its resistance to impact and stress and its stability, it is the ideal choice for furniture that will last with consideration for daily wear and tear. It is a highly prized wood that naturally has incredible durability.

Aesthetic impact and versatility

Its popularity and qualities make oak a material that can add intrinsic value to the furniture of which it is a part. Its ability to respond well to paints, stains and finishes is a key feature for accurate customization of the final rendering.