The essence of wood is deeply ingrained in our territory and in our origins. It runs strong in our roots, and today, in Italy, we stand as the foremost furniture company in this segment.

Spruce furniture retains wood properties such as antiseptic, antistatic and hygroscopic properties. Spruce wood absorbs excess moisture and releases it when the environment is too dry.

It is the quintessential essence in mountain or country furniture, yet it can evoke the same enchantment wherever there is a desire to cultivate a warm, authentic atmosphere, whether in classic countryside settings or modern, minimalist spaces.

Why choose spruce furniture from Scandola Mobili?


The light and even tones of spruce make it a versatile choice for various decor styles, ranging from classic to more contemporary designs. Its soft, fine-grained texture enables limitless decorative possibilities, allowing for intricate details and custom shapes to be effortlessly incorporated.

Convenience and versatility

Lighter than many other types of wood, spruce is exceptionally well-suited for crafting intricate furniture pieces as well as items like chairs, stools, and tables that are frequently moved. Its versatility extends to being an excellent choice for painting in various finishes and colors. Additionally, brushing the wood enhances its texture and grain, imparting a timeless appearance.

Strength and effectiveness

Used in interior furnishings, spruce is solid and durable. The brushing process significantly increases the strength of surfaces. Thanks to antistatic properties, it attracts less dust and is easy to clean.