Living Area

Living Area

The living area is the heart of the home, where meaningful moments of togetherness are shared and cherished. Whether it’s a cozy nook or a spacious room, Scandola offers modular solutions to cater to every need.

Scandola living rooms are customizable and versatile, reflecting individual uniqueness with tailored designs. Solid wood exudes a timeless ambiance that adapts to various styles: from the refined classic of Nuovo Mondo, to the rustic charm of TabiĆ , to the contemporary elegance of Maestrale, to the minimalist design of Eclettica. In each living room, wood becomes the storyteller of emotions, enriching the space with its warmth and character.

M03 Maestrale Collection

The entire Living Maestrale collection seamlessly blends the warmth and richness of wood with complementary materials like aluminum, glass, or concrete-effect finishes.

This solution is a classic living room where elegance takes center stage. The spruce wood is made textural by the brushed dove-colored finish, which highlights grain, flaming and knots. It is the choice of those who love real solid wood and its unmistakable style. The living wall features open compartments forming a bookcase, complemented by columns equipped with aluminum doors and smoked glass panels, offering a subtle view of the slatted backrest behind. Adjacent to the armchair, two small stone tables add a touch of elegance, while glimpses of a Signum table and Modus chairs in the adjoining dining room suggest a cohesive design scheme throughout the space.

M04 Maestrale Collection

The focal point of the room is the expansive bookcase wall. In a well-lit area, an entire wall is dedicated to a sizable suspended bookcase, featuring numerous storage wall units that add dynamism to the space. The charcoal-finished wood of the bookcase structure stands out against the Slate-colored back panel and the sleek lacquered finish in Mink.

A sliding ladder mounted on a track provides accessibility to each level while serving as an aesthetic complement to the furniture ensemble.

M05 Maestrale Collection

An alcove living area, played on the tones of Chalk white. The brushed finish, which highlights the materiality of the wood, has been combined with the lacquered finish of the lower cabinets. This innovative combination gives movement in full elegance to the composition. Living compartments are combined with closed compartments to lighten, while the concealed TV is the surprise element.

A nearly rustic environment, which has been refined the use of binaque furniture that gives a more contemporary look.

M06 Maestrale Collection

A contemporary living room with simple and clean lines, played on the soft tones of Quinoa and Milk white. A bright environment that combines the functionality of the living room and dining room in a single room.

Wood remains our identity, but in this solution it is reinterpreted in a more contemporary and modern vision through smooth lacquered finishes. Completing the room is the extendable goat table accompanied by Modus chairs.

M07 Maestrale Collection

The living wall serves a dual function as both a bookcase and a desk, making it an ideal solution for managing space in the living area or even a small bedroom. The contrasting colors add character to the furniture ensemble,

with Coffee juxtaposed against the light tone of Quinoa and the bold tone of Lobster. The old brown wood of the desk complements the overall aesthetic perfectly. Such a setup is particularly suitable for those who work from home, offering both functionality and style.

M08 Maestrale Collection

A large wall unit furnishes this living room with a classic look. The framed door, the columns that reach the floor and the whole room as a whole are reminiscent of elegant English houses. A living area with a classic style, but which is perfectly suited to more traditional as well as modern contexts by playing with colors without sacrificing the warmth of this timeless taste.

The composition includes open compartments, framed doors, and smooth doors, creating movement and visual interest within the space.

M09 Maestrale Collection

This rustic living room features simple lines and a combination of floor-standing bases of varying heights, wall units, and iron elements.

The use of Turtledove finish and Cobalt blue creates a rustic yet refined atmosphere. Modules are opened using throat grips, preserving the beauty of the Nora front. Additionally, a three-door sideboard suspended on feet completes the composition, adding both functionality and style.

M01 Maestrale Collection

This contemporary living room features suspended bases and columns that add a sense of lightness to the space. The columns serve as dividers between the living and dining areas while also providing additional countertop space. Traditional solid wood elements are combined with contemporary features like open iron elements, creating a balanced aesthetic.

Earth tones are used throughout to maintain a subtle color palette, and push-pull mechanisms are employed for all openings to promote stylistic cleanliness. Completing the space are Circus coffee tables, both high and low, adding style and functionality.