Sleeping area

Children's bedrooms

Children's bedrooms

The magic of Scandola Mobili’s bedroom sets permeates every piece of furniture, delighting the eyes of children with playful play areas and comforting sleeping spaces. Crafted from real solid wood and with Scandola’s meticulous craftsmanship, parents can trust in sturdy, safe, and natural environments. Moreover, our exclusive use of non-toxic water-based paints further reinforces the safety and well-being of children.

Scandola bedroom sets offer practical and functional ideas that allow you to optimize the space available and let little ones play with their imaginations, always feeling safe.

M03 Maestrale Collection

This bedroom set features soft tones, with the closet finished in Ash, the boiserie in Bianco Latte, and the upholstered bed in Cipria.

Crafted entirely from solid wood, each piece is painted with water-based paints certified for children’s toys. Opting for a wooden bedroom set is undoubtedly a decision in safety and quality.

M05 Maestrale Collection

Room made entirely of solid wood composed of a Barrique model single bed and Quadra nightstand both in Hemp finish, and a closet with feet in Slate finish.

To complete two Circus model side tables in the lively Aragosta finish. Ideal as a boys’ bedroom with modern lines, but which maintains the traits of tradition.

M10 Maestrale Collection

The Fada line takes center stage in this spruce single room, thanks to the bedside table and single bed. Completing the space is a closet on feet that echoes the soft tones of the brushed and talc finish of Regamena and Nocciola.

With a simple and contemporary taste firmly rooted in tradition through the use of real wood, this room exudes timeless elegance.

M12 Maestrale Collection

This bedroom, designed for both boys and girls, revolves around soft tones of Hemp and Milk White. The composition features a full-size Plana bed and closet with Mia fronts, complemented by a practical Cobalt Blue study area.

The bedside table is the same part of the Plana bed to which you can combine a round metal tray to soften the shapes of the bed with the right accessory.

N13 Nuovo Mondo Collection

Classic bedroom set with a queen-size bed. A cue for furnishing an attic room with style, through the authentic use of wood, and functionality.

In addition to the bed, we find a study area with character, custom cabinets and bookcase, and finally a complementing paneling. The colors chosen in this composition are Linen, Mink and Garnet Red.

N22 Nuovo Mondo Collection

In this children’s room, the colors Hazelnut and Snow infuse brightness into its country style. Crafted entirely from wood, the furniture exudes the essence of tradition.

The centerpiece is the Tabià bed, adorned with unmistakable country-style decorations that echo throughout the room, including the boiserie, bookcases, closet, and nightstand. Adding a striking contrast is the lacquered desk in mustard color, which adds character to the space.

N21 Nuovo Mondo Collection

Classical single bedroom characterized by a linear bridge closet, a second pull-out bed, bookcase with attached desk and weekly bookshelves.

The furniture is solid wood, ultramarine blue and Chalk white finish. Always a winning solution in optimizing space.

N23 Nuovo Mondo Collection

Colorful bedroom set for two children. Here the Lime green, ultramarine blue and Chalk white lacquered finishes take center stage within however a classic, worked style.

The water-based lacquers used maintain the properties of the wood and its very scent.

N14 Nuovo Mondo Collection

In this room featuring twin single beds of the Tabià model, a perfect accent is added by the chest in Cobalt blue, which can also be substituted with a dresser for additional storage.

The closet and nightstands, however, are in a Chalk white color. Designed to meet the needs of children, there is also a desk and an attached bookcase, providing functionality and style to the space.

N24 Nuovo Mondo Collection

This composition is ideal for the little ones’ room. The bunk bed with slide is a fun solution to furnish the bedroom set.

In addition, here also bright and cheerful colors are pastel to remain suitable for the time of rest, but ready to turn into a world of games.

N15 Nuovo Mondo Collection

In this bedroom set, the capacious corner walk-in closet is the star. The bed model is a mini bunk, Cobalt blue color.

An idea to optimize space through an elegant classic design. The bedroom set is completed by a desk carved out between the closets with a bridge bookcase.

N11 Nuovo Mondo Collection

In this classic-style loft bedroom, two castle beds are seamlessly integrated with the closet, accompanied by a solid wood study area.

The furniture in this room is presented in coordinating shades of Mink, Linen, and Crete. This setup is an ideal solution for long and narrow spaces, maximizing the room’s functionality and aesthetics.

N16 Nuovo Mondo Collection

Classic bedroom with three beds. The loft runs along the entire wall, a double bunk bed divided by the central staircase.

On one side is positioned the third bed, while on the other is the desk. Everything is made of solid wood Fjord blue finish, juxtaposed with ivory details.

N30 Nuovo Mondo Collection

Here, the distinctive feature of the four-poster bed shines, crafted partly in Blueberry color and partly with burnished metal to add lightness to the design. T

he rest of the composition features Pearl and Powder colors. Together, this furniture ensemble creates a princely atmosphere.

T05 Tabià Collection

This country-style bedroom set features soft colors, showcasing a harmonious combination of Snow White with light wood in the shade Hazelnut. The brushed finishes accentuate the rustic and handcrafted aesthetic of the furniture, all crafted from real spruce wood with the meticulous care reminiscent of craftsmen from days past.

The half-height paneling warms the atmosphere, bringing it closer to the classic furniture of mountain lodges.