Scandola Mobili armchairs

In Scandola Mobili’s living rooms wood meets upholstery in a line of armchairs coordinated with the other solid wood furniture.

In addition to sofas, armchairs are also available in the fixed version, coordinated with the wood-structured sofa and ideal to complement the Arcanda furniture. On the other hand, the plushly-padded, decidedly classic Bergère armchair and the original, fully-upholstered Ariette armchair are suitable for more contemporary styles and for the new classic style of Nuovo Mondo living rooms.

A vast array of fabrics are available for Scandola Mobili’s armchairs and sofas, ranging from linen – purposely coarse to meet rustic tastes – to floral patterns that suit decorated, shabby chic and Provençal style furniture, right down to striped fabric or other elegant patterns to customise armchairs, fixed sofas and sofa beds.