Custom-made Kitchens: why to choose them

Has the time come to furnish your kitchen or change your old one? Then the time has come to choose whether to go for made-to-measure kitchens or standard proposals. The kitchen market is in fact mainly divided into these two major branches: on the one hand the standard and fixed proposals, on the other hand the proposals that can be customised and adapted to your own home.

In this short guide, we show you the reasons why a custom-made kitchen is worth choosing.

1. Adaptability

People often think that a custom-made kitchen is the obligatory choice for those who have special spaces, rooms with out-of-square walls or with pillars and niches. In reality, the choice of made-to-measure kitchens lends itself very well even to large rooms with nothing special,because they adapt to any environment, precisely because they are modular. In fact, do not think that a made-to-measure kitchen is synonymous with a kitchen made with strange measurements; it can very well be composed of different modules placed side by side until the desired made-to-measure composition is achieved.

In any case, it is the ideal formula for adapting the kitchen to your open space or small room in the best possible way.

2. Making the best use of space

But why are custom-built kitchens often chosen? Because they allow you to make the most of every available space.. Especially suitable for small spaces, the custom-made kitchen allows you to exploit every inch of the walls without leaving empty spaces that would be lost.

A small compartment that remains at the end of the composition, an alcove or an out-of-square corner: nothing is a problem for a custom-made kitchen designer who will undoubtedly know how to study the best way to exploit every single centimetre of your kitchen. The solutions for doing this are endless: from baskets and open compartments to made-to-measure base and wall units.

Scandola Mobili is a leader in customising its kitchens to suit customers’ needs. In fact, for several years it has adopted a just-in-time production philosophy that allows it to produce all the furniture that goes to make up the kitchens on a case-by-case basis, thus allowing the greatest possible flexibility and customisation.

3. Customising made-to-measure kitchens

The companies or craftsmen who produce this type of kitchen adopt, as seen above, a made-to-order production system. This allows kitchens to be customised in all aspects, not just measurements. Colour, for example! Are you a colour lover and do you want a super colourful kitchen? Then made-to-measure solutions are definitely for you.. For example, Scandola Mobili allows you to customise the colour of each piece of furniture! This way you can really unleash your imagination and creativity.

But that’s not all, if you want a more sober solution you can always opt for standard colours or RAL colours, but the choice will certainly be much wider than in a standard kitchen.

4. The style of the kitchen

Often the thought of custom-made kitchens immediately brings to mind rustic or otherwise classic proposals. In reality, this is not the case at all, because you can choose any style of furniture: a modern, Nordic or shabby chic kitchen, it all depends on the door chosen and the finish. So when designing fitted kitchens always be sure to specify the style you love most to create the kitchen of your dreams.

5. Functionality and practicality

Being able to compose your kitchen as you wish allows you to create kitchens that are truly practical and functional. Why? Because they can be composed according to everyone’s needs and habits.. In fact, not everyone’s kitchen has to be composed in the same way. Indeed, some will prefer to have the sink next to the refrigerator, while others may prefer to have the cooker next to the pantry area. You therefore have maximum freedom in composition and adaptation to your needs.

Cost of a made-to-measure kitchen

But how much does a made-to-measure kitchen cost? Obviously it is difficult to give a precise indication, because it all depends on the materials chosen, the size of the composition and many other factors.

In general we can say that:

  • small kitchens: price from € 10,000 to € 15,000
  • medium-sized custom-made kitchens at € 15,000 to € 20,000
  • large kitchens from € 20,000

Bespoke kitchens are therefore versatile solutions that allow great possibilities for customisation and adaptability. All you have to do is think about your kitchen and start designing it.


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