Desk for children’s room: how to design it

Our blog contains so many articles about kids’ rooms. Together with the kitchen, it is the most difficult space to furnish. Dividing spaces in a right way, harmonizing shapes and colors to accompany our children in their growth: it seems easy but it is not at all.

Today we want to deepen the topic of the bedroom desk. It is important that children have a dedicated place to study and do homework and it is essential that it is designed in the best way to ensure their comfort and prevent bad postures. Another aspect to consider carefully, in addition to measuring desks, is lighting. It must come from the front or the side and never from behind because it would project an unpleasant shadow on the desktop.

Let’s see together how to better design the desk for the children’s bedroom.

Measures desks

Let’s start from the base by going to analyze the size that a desk must have. Ideally the width should never be less than 80 cm, better one meter. As for the depth here too, it is better to avoid desk tops with a depth of less than 60 cm. The more the depth increases, the more comfortable they are in use and allow books and notebooks to be positioned more conveniently. If you need a narrow desk it is good to choose it of 60 cm.

If space allows it is always better to abound in the size of the desk, because the more space you have to study and arrange the more material you make. At Scandola we produce 4 cm thick solid wood desks and desk tops to ensure stability and avoid bending problems for particularly large desk tops.

As for the height, the desk should be positioned between 76 and 78 cm high. It is therefore essential to buy an adjustable chair, which can adapt to the growth of children, so that the desk is always at the right height.

A narrow desk is undoubtedly a useful solution for those with little space. In this case it is important to equip it in the right way to make it as functional as possible, for example by surrounding it with a bridge bookcase. A long and narrow desk is ideal for small bedrooms, but that need to organize the desk in a functional and rational way. For example, you can create a study station, one for the PC and one for the drawing.

Shaped desks for kids bedrooms

It is precisely because we produce the solid wood desk tops from time to time that we give customers great customization possibilities. We can therefore create desk tops shaped according to the needs of everyone.

It is a request that is usually made in cases where the bedroom is narrow in a point and you can not realize it with depth 60 cm. In this case it is shaped in order to ensure a 60 cm deep and a less deep part, which can for example be used to work on the PC. Other times, a shape is required to make the desk more ergonomic. In any case, we have the possibility to create custom plans to meet all their needs.

The shaped desks for bedrooms are therefore custom request, but that certainly increase and make better for our children.

Desk shaped bedroom set

Corner desk bedroom set

A really convenient solution is that of the corner desk. It allows you to take advantage of two adjacent walls and thus optimize the space. The desk can thus be divided according to operational needs, so one part can be used for the study and the other side as a pc station.

Of course with a desk with this configuration you need to have a chair with wheels to allow kids to move smoothly from side to side.

On other occasions it can be used as a double desk for children’s bedrooms, then with two study stations. The angle configuration really lends itself to different uses.

Corner desk

Desk with bookcase

To arrange the school books, it is absolutely essential to place a bookcase next to the desk. The solutions here are multiple and can be chosen depending on the space available and the preferences of each.

The bookcase can be placed above the desk, then hung on the wall. In this case it can be easily made with some shelves of different lengths to give movement to the composition, or using ready-made modules, such as the Tabià hanging bookcase.

In other cases, a column bookcase can be created on the side of the desk. In this case the bookcase also acts as a support for the desk top. It is definitely the simplest and most functional solution for children because they can easily reach the shelves. Always remember the standard desk height when designing these solutions. The shelves above the desk are more suitable for a children’s room.

Bookcase with removable desk

Double desk for kids bedroom

When the bedroom should be shared by two brothers it is important to design the desk with attention. As we have seen before, a solution could be to use a corner desk top, but if the space does not allow it we can consider other alternatives.

If we want to place a desk on the wall we can make it straight and divide it for example with the use of a chest of drawers on wheels.. In this way the top remains free and the delimitation of the spaces depends only on the chest of drawers. The minimum size of the desk must be at least 2 meters to allow them to work with a certain ease, while the standard desk height always of 78 cm.

Another solution is to place a table in the middle of the room to be used as a desk. In this way the two boys can study one on each side and have the necessary space. If it is not possible to have a table with a depth of one meter we can buy it of lower depth and the two stations can be made out of phase. Also in this case we can add comfortable drawers to the side of each station.

Double desk

Space saving children’s desks

When the bedroom is small you have to run for cover and find a way to create desks saving space. A simple solution is to create a pull-out desk. In this way, when not in use, the desk top can be reduced and removed only when used. t is undoubtedly an ideal solution when you have to furnish a small room.

Another space-saving solution is the loft solution. To share two functions in a single wall the solution is to raise the bed and place under the desk. In this way it occupies the same space that would occupy the bed, but you get the place to sleep and the place to study.

Finally, do not forget the shaped desks for bedrooms as seen above.


Wall equipped with desk for bedroom

To conclude this long roundup on the desks, we focus on the wall system with desk. It is a really functional solution because it allows you to enclose different functions in a single wall. Of course it is necessary to have a free wall for this use. The solutions are really countless because we can decide to enclose the desk inside a bridge bookcase, which turns into a desk with bridge bookcase, thus leaving all the shelves open. Otherwise we can alternate open compartments and closed compartments to give movement to the composition.

Another solution is to enclose the wall equipped with a desk between two wardropes. In this case a single wall is used for two uses and the solutions to create truly functional workstations are countless. In addition to playing on the depths you can play on the choice of open compartments and closed compartments, as well as on different heights and of course on colors. The choice of colors is always to be evaluated carefully so as not to risk choosing finishes that with time can tire.

For example, for the room of a little girl instead of choosing the candy pink we prefer other colors, such as yellow, orange or green that can remain current over time. We also recommend choosing soft colors and dare with some bright details if you want to give a touch of sparkle to the room. Choosing a desk top or colored shelves could be a great solution.

Corner wall system for kids bedroom

If you have reached the end of the reading of this long article I congratulate you and if there is any doubt about how to better design the desk for your bedroom do not hesitate to contact me.


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