How to choose the measurements of the table

The table is the fulcrum of the house, around which we discuss, laugh and joke. The choice of which to place in the dining room or kitchen should therefore be made very carefully. n addition to the style that must have the table is good to evaluate the size. In fact, a table that is too large or too squat risks weighing down the environment, while a table that is too small may seem ridiculous.

So what is the right table size? Our simple tips below will help you choose the right table for your space.

We must always keep in mind that there are extensions, extendable and folding table systems that allow you to combine small dimensions in everyday life and a dining room that can accommodate many guests.

The shape of the kitchen table

The choice of the shape of the kitchen table should be made according to the shape of the room that occupies it.

In a long and narrow room is better to place a rectangular table. If the room is large, a round or square table can easily be inserted. The round table is the solution that takes up less space between the two and thanks to the soft lines it has less impact on the view. There are also tables with more particular shapes, such as oval tables, or tables that recall the rounded shapes of those 70s.

In small rooms should be preferred a compact table that can be stretched only if necessary. Even if you often invite guests, you always prefer a small table that is easy to stretch, otherwise you will find yourself with a bulky table that in addition to weighing down the environment will be very uncomfortable.

The size of the table

Before buying a dining table it is good to first evaluate the size of the table of our dreams and the room in which it is inserted.

In general, a person sitting at the table needs 40 cm frontally to eat comfortably. The guests’ seats should then leave at least 60 cm of space for each diner, so that they can move easily.

If your table is placed near a wall or in a place of passage you must consider that a person needs at least 60 cm to get up easily. Then leave enough space all around so as not to force the guests to always have to be careful when they get up not to bump the walls or any other furniture.

Measurements of the rectangular table

The size of the rectangular table depends of course on the number of people who have to sit at the table. The width of the table must in any case be between 80 and 100 cm, while the length depends precisely on the number of seats we want to put around the table.

Six people can sit comfortably we can buy a table that has a length of 120-130 cm. While if the people who have to sit are 8 better to opt for a table at least 180 cm long.

The versions of extendable tables proposed by Scandola Mobili can then allow to accommodate even more people for very convivial lunches and dinners. For example, the table with square legs extends up to a maximum of 270 cm, allowing 12 people to comfortably sit at the table.

Here are the dimensions that a rectangular table should normally have depending on the people we want to accommodate:

  • a table for four: 100 cm x 80 cm;
  • table 6 seats: 120 cm x 80 cm;
  • dining table 8 seats: 180 cm x 80 cm;
  • table 10 seats: 240 cm x 80 cm.

Measurements of the square table

The square table is often a solution chosen by those who own a small environment. The size of a square table for four people must be at least 80-90 cm per side. The square table can often be requested in the extensible folding version, which allows you to comfortably double its size and guests that you can invite! If you want to discover all the advantages of the book table you can find our in-depth article below:

There are also versions of extra large square table, such as the goat table proposed by Scandola that has dimensions of 140 cm per side. This type of table allows 8 people to sit comfortably at the table. It is of course a table with a strong visual impact suitable for large and airy environments. A square table 8 seats can actually have slightly smaller size of 120 cm x 120 cm.

Measures of the round table

The round table is the version that takes up less space and gives elegance to the environment. For four people, a table with a diameter of 80 cm is sufficient. If there are 6 people, instead, we move to a diameter of 120 cm until we reach a diameter of 150 cm for 8 people.

Scandola Mobili proposes an elegant version of the round table that can be lengthened to form an oval. A really brilliant solution for those who have little space and love the soft lines of the round table.

If you want to deepen the topic on the round tables you can read the article we wrote about it, you can find it below:


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