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Sometimes when children reach 7 or 8 years of age, it becomes necessary to think about a change in furniture. This is to make room for a bigger desk or wardrobe. At this time, however, it is also good to consider the size of the bed. A queen-size bed might be the best solution because as children grow, it becomes much more comfortable than the classic single bed. But what are the measurements of a single bed? Let’s look at it together.

Standard size single beds

The size of the 120 cm bed is usually defined by the size of the mattress. Single beds normally have the following dimensions:

  • 120 x 190/195/200 cm

More rarely they have a width of 110 cm, but usually in Italy the standard for a single bed is 120 cm. These are of course the measurements of the bed base and mattress, the bed frame will be slightly larger depending on the model chosen.

A simple bed frame will have a width of 128/129 cm, while if you move on to more elaborate beds you can reach a width of 147 cm. It is therefore a good idea to carefully evaluate the space available before buying a single bed to avoid the risk of finding yourself too cluttered. Another measurement to assess is the height of the mattress. We do not recommend buying mattresses with a height of less than 16 cm, then depending on the technology chosen, you can have mattresses with a height of 21 cm, up to a maximum of 28 cm.

If you are curious about the dimensions of our beds, you can download the pdf with all dimensions by clicking on the button below:

Single bed dimensions

Obviously the single bed needs dedicated bed linen. The dimensions of the top sheet of a single bed are 180×200 cm, the dimensions of the mattress cover are 120×200 cm, and those of the duvet cover are 200×200 cm. It may therefore be that, depending on the bedding chosen, the sheets of the single bed may also fit, while the sheet underneath must obviously be purchased specifically considering the height of the mattress. As the 120×190 single bed is very popular, it is not at all difficult to find suitable bed linen.

When to choose a single bed

As we have seen above, the queen-size bed is particularly suitable for boys because it is definitely more comfortable than a normal single bed. It is also popular with those who tend to move around a lot at night, because it is more comfortable and allows for a larger area of movement. Sometimes it is also chosen by those who live alone and have very little space, for example in a studio apartment.

It is certainly a fallback choice, because if space permits it is better to fit a 140 cm bed, or French bed, which can also accommodate two people if necessary If you want to know more, we have written an article on the French bed. The 120 cm bed, on the other hand, is recommended for only one person, sleeping two is really complicated!

Made-to-measure single beds

Sometimes it may be necessary to make a 120 cm bed to size. In the case of a particularly tall person, for example, the standard length of 200 cm may not be sufficient and the bed frame therefore needs to be adapted for a 210 or 220 cm mattress. Similarly, space requirements may lead us to desire a 110 cm or 100 cm bed. Scandola Mobili, thanks to in-house production, can customise its beds to suit all customer requirements, thus making them smaller or larger. The queen-size bed will therefore no longer have the standard dimensions.

Prices of the single bed

The price of a single bed naturally varies depending on many factors, such as the material chosen, production, durability, lacquering and much more. It is therefore not easy to give an unequivocal price indication, but if you are interested in knowing the prices of Scandola single beds, you can contact a reseller to get a first price idea of your favourite model.


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