Double bedroom wardrobe dimensions

The wardrobe is the component that absolutely cannot be missing in the bedroom. Next to the bedroom set, consisting of the bed and bedside tables, and the dresser, the wardrobe is the third element that must be carefully chosen to furnish the bedroom. But a wrong choice can make the room appear stuffy. It is therefore good to choose the size of the bedroom wardrobe with care.

When planning the wardrobe, it is good to take the time to understand the dimensions it should have. The first thing to consider is undoubtedly the width of the room and the size of the wall on which you want to place the wardrobe. With these measurements in hand, it is possible to configure different double wardrobe solutions. Let us look at some of them together.

Standard wardrobe dimensions

There are bedroom wardrobes of various styles on the market. There are models with classic lines, characterised by framed doors and wooden or white finishes, or modern wardrobes characterised by simple lines and innovative materials. The bedroom wardrobe should obviously be chosen according to the style we most love and wish to give our room.

Whichever model you prefer, there are some standard dimensions that do not vary, while other dimensions are modular.

Wardrobe depth

The depth of the wardrobe is always around 60 cm, although there are double wardrobes on the market with a reduced depth of around 40 cm that make the best use of space even in small rooms. In special cases it may be necessary to fit a reduced depth wardrobe, especially if there is an alcove that we intend to make full use of.

The depth measurement is the one on which the possibility of hanging clothes depends, which is why it is usually 60 cm.


As far as the height is concerned, companies usually offer different solutions: the most compact models, suitable above all for the attic, present a height that varies from 190 cm to 200 cm, while the most popular models present a height that ranges from 230 cm to 250 cm. There are also wardrobe solutions that reach up to the ceiling and thus have a height of up to 300 cm.


Width, on the other hand, naturally depends on the size of the room and the shape you want to give the wardrobe. A distinction must be made between wardrobes with hinged doors and sliding wardrobes.

As far as wardrobes with hinged doors are concerned, the basic single-door module has a width of between 45 cm and 55 cm, while if we are talking about the two-door module the width varies between 90 cm and 110 cm.

Wardrobes with sliding doors usually have larger dimensions. The smallest sliding wardrobe has two doors with a minimum width of 180 cm. Three-door units are consequently about 270 cm wide, depending on the model chosen. The bedroom wardrobes can therefore be configured as you prefer.

The fact that the modules are modular makes it possible to adapt the wardrobe wall to any space, avoiding costly made-to-measure solutions.

Designing the wardrobe for the master bedroom

To best design the wardrobe for the master bedroom, several aspects must be considered. As seen before, the room must be analysed well and the position of the wardrobe must be chosen. Normally the wardrobe is placed to the side of the bed or on the opposite wall to the one on which the bed is placed. In any case, the space required must be well calculated so as not to risk ending up with a narrow passageway.

A fashionable solution in recent times is to create a walk-in wardrobe. There are many possibilities for this. One can, for example, make use of an adjoining room that is not in use as a closet, or create a room by erecting a plasterboard wall. Of course, in this case the bedroom must be more generously sized, but the aesthetics will benefit.

If you would like to explore this topic further, we have written an article with many ideas on how to make a walk-in wardrobe in a bedroom:

Once you have chosen the position and type of wardrobe, all that remains is to figure out how to configure it. Each of us has different habits. Some people like to have everything hung up and others prefer to fold most of their clothes. Some have only a few garments, but women, especially, have a lot of clothing to put in the wardrobe.

So, before you proceed with the purchase take the right time to organize the ideas and understand well what your wardrobe must be. In general, a wardrobe for a double bedroom should be at least four doors so that everyone has a whole module available. It is useful then, if the space allows, to insert a module from a door in which to hang coats, jackets and bulky clothing. These are the basic indications, but if you then use the closet of the room also as a service closet the dimensions must be increased.

Dimensions of the hinged wardrobe

The classically furnished rooms are usually characterized by the presence of a wardrobe with hinged doors. It is in fact the traditional model of wardrobe that is still sold most today.

When you are going to buy a hinged wardrobe, you should consider more carefully the location. In fact, in addition to its encumbrance, the necessary space must be left to open the doors and the passage to be able to move even if the wardrobe is open. It is therefore good to add at least another 80-100 cm to the depth of the wardrobe. The positive aspect of hinged cabinets is that they are often modular. You then have the possibility to configure the wardrobe according to your needs.

Standard measurements of a hinged double wardrobe

  • Wardrobe with two doors: approximately 90/120 cm long.
  • Wardrobe with three doors: approximately 130/180 cm long.
  • Wardrobe with four doors: approximately 180/220 cm.
  • Wardrobe with six doors: about 270/360 cm.

Dimensions of the sliding wardrobe

Contemporary bedrooms usually feature a sliding wardrobe. It is undoubtedly a suitable model for any type of room. It can in fact be inserted even in small rooms because its overall space corresponds exactly to its size does not need additional space for opening the doors. Just leave the right space between wardrobe and bed, about 80 cm, without having to calculate extra space.

The sliding wardrobe has the advantage of being able to reveal the entire interior with just one simple movement. The sliding wardrobe is usually available commercially in two, three or four door versions. The modules of the wardrobe are all the same size and therefore from the design point of view there is less possibility of customization. If you want to discover all the advantages of the sliding wardrobe you can read our in-depth study on the sliding wardrobe in the double bedroom.

The alternative to the sliding wardrobe: the coplanar wardrobe

A model very similar to the sliding wardrobe is the coplanar wardrobe. It has sliding doors that, however, once closed line up. You do not have therefore, as in the sliding wardrobes, the doors on two different levels. This thanks to a particular mechanism that to slide the doors makes them first exit and then slide them one on the other. Once closed from the aesthetic point of view it looks like a hinged wardrobe, but in reality, it has all the advantages of the sliding wardrobe.

Standard measures of a sliding wardrobe

  • Sliding wardrobe with two doors: approximately 180/220 cm long.
  • Sliding wardrobe with three doors: approximately 270/360 cm long.

The measures of a bridge wardrobe

The bridge wardrobe is the configuration normally used in small rooms where it would be difficult to place a bed and a wardrobe on opposite or side by side walls. The bridge configuration provides in fact to place the two elements on the same wall and to exploit the space above the bed with storage cabinets. In this way the available space is really exploited to the fullest.

If you want to discover how to best design a bridge wardrobe, you can read our in-depth analysis:

Attic cabinet

Furnishing a room in the attic is not comfortable. The lowering of the roof makes it difficult to furnish part of the room and you risk losing a lot of space if you do not take special measures.

A solution to make an attic room functional is to use the attic to make the wardrobe. In this case, the wardrobe must be tailored by experienced staff, but the aesthetic result is undoubtedly assured. The wardrobe in this case develops from floor to ceiling following the inclination of the roof. Not all companies make cabinets of this type because they are custom cabinets that must be made to measure. Scandola Mobili realizes all the necessary processes for the realization of a cabinet of this type.

Fitted wardrobe

As we saw earlier, the need to create a wardrobe to measure arises from the particular shape of the bedroom and the need to take advantage of all the space available. They are therefore not only useful in the attic rooms but can also be very comfortable in other bedrooms.

Take for example the case of a bedroom with a niche. This space, difficult to use, can be easily used to place a wardrobe to measure that will completely cover the niche. In this case the wardrobe doors will look like a continuation of the wall. But there can also be the much more common case of wall measurements that do not follow the standard size of cabinets and therefore there is a need to reduce a module in width. In these cases, it is good to rely on companies that also produce furniture to measure in order to create the wardrobe that really fits perfectly to your bedroom.

The internal equipment for the double wardrobe

An aspect often underestimated in the design phase of the wardrobe is how to equip the interior. It is instead a strictly necessary aspect that makes the wardrobe a convenient ally to maintain order. To decide how to equip the interior should first be done an analysis of how we like to keep our clothes.

If we love to hang everything, we should have two hanger tubes for each module and one shelf. If on the other hand we love to fold our garments, we can provide for a clothes hanger tube and shelves at the top of the wardrobe. If the wardrobe is particularly high it is better to think about equipping, a really convenient system for hanging hangers without having to use the hanger stick or a chair every time.

The interior of the wardrobe can then be further embellished by inserting pull-out pants, tie racks and other accessories that help you keep order. Finally, especially if you do not have a dresser, it is good to put in the closet at least a chest of drawers for linen.

Choosing the right wardrobe for the bedroom is not easy, because you must consider many aspects. But it is important that you take your time to properly evaluate every detail so that the choice is really the right one.


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