Hall furniture and doors

From coat hooks to chests, hall furniture creates a coordinated and functional look.

The hall is the first room a visitor sees when he enters your home and, since first impressions count, for a coordinated day area it should be tastefully furnished in harmony with the style of the reception rooms. The furniture in this area must also be functional and discreet so that it doesn’t clutter the corridor.

Amongst other hall furniture Scandola Mobili offers beautiful  wooden chests, coat hooks on small or large panels and mirrors. Coat hooks hung near the front door are useful for jackets and are one of the many items in genuine wood that can furnish the home in a classic or country style. The coat hook panel is made-to-measure by the centimetre to adapt to halls or walls of any size. Scandola also produces doors for interiors, either in wood or glazed and framed, offering the opportunity of benifiting from doors and frames coordinated with your furniture for a total genuine solid wood look.